Schism – In Development

Death isn’t always the end. For Silver, it’s the beginning of a strange and terrifying discovery, and an inescapable duty. Somehow she must stop the world collapsing in on itself, face the warped and twisted forms of Schisms – pockets of unbalanced reality, and learn all she can from her ruthless savior Kia as she struggles to survive.

Schism is to be a series of urban fantasy novels set in London, about a group of girls who’ve gained magical powers after dying, and are trying to stop reality tearing itself apart. With no idea how or why it’s happening, they venture into Schisms – pockets of collapsing reality – to heal them before it’s too late!

Combining western Super Hero culture and the ‘Magical Girl’ anime genre with psychological and cosmic horror, the Schism series takes its readers through a fast paced adventure as its heroines are forced to fight for their own survival, along with that of their planet.


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