CyberFunkA groovitude infused assault on the world of electronic music, CyberFunk lets the Blaxploitation genre give the grim dystopian future of music the backhand slap it needs. When Cat Daddy and her fellow Cyberfunkers take on the fame-focused world of DJ D-Kline, they don’t get an easy ride, but against four freaky funkers they know he’s going down.

An interactive adventure written and developed by Laurie Blake, with art by Sci Sarhan and music by James Haves, it’s free to play it online! Make sure your speakers are up for the full experience!

You can also read the Developer Blog below for more insights into the game’s production, or read some Testimonials by players!

Developer Blog

Spoiler alert ahead – It’s recommended to play the game before reading!

Concept DesignCharacter DesignCombat Design

The QueueThe Back Alley – Getting InsideThe FansBackstage

The Sound TechThe ManagerDJ D-Kline – Final Thoughts


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