Final Thoughts

CyberFunk was a fantastic project. I've loved making it and it's opened up a whole new world of narrative possibilities. Considering it was originally supposed to be a small month long project to be submitted to the Failbetter Games narrative design internship, it ended up become far bigger and better than I could've imagined. Bug... Continue Reading →


DJ D-Kline

DJ D-Kline had very few core qualities when I first started writing. He was to be the embodiment of fast rising stars, of people paid a lot to do very little, and of those with far more ego than they do money. And D-Kline is rich, and proud of it. A key character element that... Continue Reading →

The Corporate Manager

DJ D-Kline's Manager was possibly the most fun character to write, barring the protagonists and antagonists (if your main focus characters aren't the most fun to write you need better main characters). Sierah, as the sound techy calls her, is the person in charge of making sure D-Kline's shows are the best around. She's the... Continue Reading →


When fixing the myriad of issues my bug hunters found, I noticed that almost everybody had gone backstage rather than through the fans on their way to D-Kline. Why? I asked them. Once they'd thought about it, they said backstage had just seemed more exciting and interesting. They had never been backstage before, and the... Continue Reading →

The Sound Techie

Behind every celebrity there's a cabal of people making sure they stay that way. Jobs the celebrity once had to do themselves are farmed out to professionals who do the job for money instead of fame. They've been compared to the schools of tiny cleaner fish that swim around larger fish and eat the algae... Continue Reading →

The Fans

When I started writing CyberFunk, the fans were both the most fun and most intimidating characters I'd had to write. Unlike D-Kline or the bouncers or even the Funkers themselves, I'd never had to write a true mob of people before. These were a group I had to write both as a unified mass and... Continue Reading →

The Back Alley

The back route was a fairly major experiment in variables and if gates, primarily to do with the floodlight that you have the option to break at the beginning. Breaking it severely affects how things go with your choices further down the line, as the darkness will prevent you from bypassing the locked door stealthily,... Continue Reading →

The Gatekeepers and the entrance

Getting inside the club is the first major goal of CyberFunk. This is not the most difficult of feats, but it needs to have enough challenge to feel like an accomplishment. One of the major elements in your way are, like any club, the bouncers. These guys are often tough, but mostly they're just imposing.... Continue Reading →

The Queue

The scene with the queue outside the club is the first scene I wrote once I was happy with the introduction. Briefly, I'd like to say that the introduction to me was really important before I started taking on the various choices of where to play. Setting up the characters, the setting itself, and the... Continue Reading →

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