Ai Mi Yun – In Development

Virtual and Holographic Pop Star Ai Mi Yun is an iDoll. Creating the music, performing the shows and wearing the styles she’s programmed to, and with no desire for money or royalties, she’s the music industry’s dream come true. But when one fellow iDoll malfunctions mid-concert, the activist group known as the Human Continuance Movement tries to discredit them.

As Ai Mi’s Manager Chong Lei tries to restore faith and keep his job, he finds the head technician, his own assistant, and even the pop star herself have other ideas; changing the face of the industry as they know it.

Looking at the link between consciousness and creativity in a future where to be human is growing obsolete, Ai Mi Yun is a science fiction story set in China, 2030, culminating at the Chinese New Year celebrations.


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