Laurie 'Lol' Blake

Who (are you?) 

I’m Laurie Blake! I’m a professional writer who graduated in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University in 2014 and was first published by DK Books in 2015. I’ve since then been working on multiple Novels, released and published Short Stories, and created my first piece of Interactive Fiction!

What (Do you do?)
I mostly write! I tend to have a visual style centred around character driven plot-lines, as my main joy stems from exploring the world and situations in it from other people’s minds and perspectives. I try to keep myself away from stereotypes and unnecessary padding.

When I’m not writing I tend to be reading, playing video games, driving motorcycles, running tabletop roleplay games, or really anything else that’s more fun than reality!

Why (Do you do it?)
Because I have to! I’ve been fascinated with stories and what makes them such an essential part of our society and lives for as long as I can remember. We use stories to teach each other about the world, to explore ideas and explain what we don’t know as much as what we do. We connect with each other through them, using stories of our past, of our hopes for the future, even of our relatives long ago to share and remember the lives of our own and others. Stories take our subjective lives and let others experience them as their own. What isn’t to love?
More than anything, I love learning about my craft. Every story I read, and every one I write, each enhances and improves me as a writer as I learn about new ways to portray the world (or others) through words. And every time I create something I hope that I look back on it in the years to come and find ways that they lack – after all, if you cannot find flaws in your work, then you haven’t learnt and become more than you were when you created it.

Where (can I read your work?)
Here on this blog is a good place to start! They all range from the work I did while in university to the work I’ve done after it, and while these days I concentrate on my longer works I hope to add more in the near future. If you’re interested in my shorter works, why not start at some of my favourites: The Call, What Lurks Below, and Weapons of Master Suction.

If that’s not enough for you, why not have a play through my Interactive Novel CyberFunk, a game about four futuristic funk musicians looking to bring a down-beat beat-down to the all-too-smug DJ D-Kline.

Otherwise, I am currently working on Schism, a series of urban fantasy books about the world collapsing without us knowing, and the few who can see it. I’m also working on [Ai Mi Yun], a novel about a holographic pop star accidentally achieving sentience.

When (do you update?)
Blog posts and shorter fiction appear when times allows me to write them, and you can subscribe here if you want to know straight away when it happens! You can also subscribe to my Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter for general rambling about what I’m doing.

Which (ways can I contact you?)
Hit me up on Twitter (@LaurieJBlake) or google+ (+Laurieblake), or come and say hi on my Facebook page (/Lauriejblake). I love talking to fans or other writers, and I’m always interested in people’s work! Do come along and chat!

Interested in hiring me for freelance fiction? Check out my Writer’s CV and contact me at laurieblake.author@gmail.com.


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