The Sound Techie

Behind every celebrity there’s a cabal of people making sure they stay that way. Jobs the celebrity once had to do themselves are farmed out to professionals who do the job for money instead of fame. They’ve been compared to the schools of tiny cleaner fish that swim around larger fish and eat the algae their dead skin. But without those fish the bigger ones would get diseases from the algae or struggle with shedding scales. Maybe those people who put on Leonardo DiCaprio’s makeup or maintain the Rolling Stone’s gear take pride in their work and their place making their employer greater due to their contribution, or perhaps they secretly envy their fame and spotlight? The sound tech is the representation of these people, his hard work behind the scenes giving D-Kline the freedom to focus on being an entertainer and celebrity.

His meek attitude and fear of repercussions are what has him stuck where he is, a handsomely rewarded tool. But faced with the knowledge that D-Kline is going down, does he help or hinder? Does he try to stop you and protect his situation, or try to help you in the hope that maybe he can replace D-Kline? These questions formed his scene, and made him a character that could potentially help in your assault on D-Kline.

Personally though, I loved him getting mad and trying to attack the funkers. After the bouncers and fans, his complete ineffectualness really made me laugh, even though I kinda felt bad for him. His occasional reappearance if you get him on side was a difficult one to implement, and led to several versions where players felt he didn’t make enough of a difference. The problem was making it so he helped while keeping the result similar enough to other results so I didn’t need to write two versions of D-Kline’s scenes. He definitely gives them the best route down to the stage, too.

Now we’ll head back downstairs to the stage partition, and meet with my personal favourite side character, the Corporate Manager.

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