The Queue

The scene with the queue outside the club is the first scene I wrote once I was happy with the introduction. Briefly, I’d like to say that the introduction to me was really important before I started taking on the various choices of where to play. Setting up the characters, the setting itself, and the objective in a fashion that makes sense and seems natural is tough but possibly the most important thing in regard to keeping players attention. Engage them early and they stay engaged!

So, the queue was the first choice I ever wrote. In its original conception it branched off way too much as I overextended myself in every direction. In my excitedness to dive into branching narratives, I gave every choice three more choices for you to further take. Many of those gave you a further three. It quickly got out of control and I started taking it one branch at a time, and edited previous branches where there was overlap so they could share some routes.

I had my first play with fighting here, too, with the Cyberpunk who gives you grief early on. It looks a lot different to how it was when it was first written because, honestly, that first attempt was pretty crap. There was little flair more than ‘you punch out the stupid punk’, and while I fixed it up later, it was good to see early on what makes good action description and what doesn’t. The whole game was, in many ways, a massive experiment, but I don’t think it’s more evident anywhere else. Nonetheless, whether you punch your way through, pied piper your way inside, or talk the bouncers into believing you to be an eclectic group of record company scouts, it’s definitely one of the most varied routes in the game. And while my initial excitement caused me a lot of editing to do, it certainly made a lot of great possibilities for the player, so I’m glad I let myself go a bit mad with it!

Next up is the back alley route, which was an experiment in a very different way!


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