The Corporate Manager

DJ D-Kline’s Manager was possibly the most fun character to write, barring the protagonists and antagonists (if your main focus characters aren’t the most fun to write you need better main characters). Sierah, as the sound techy calls her, is the person in charge of making sure D-Kline’s shows are the best around. She’s the most important, powerful and probably richest person in the venue, if not the city. And she knows it.

The Manager was designed to represent the all-powerful mega-corporations in human form, and as such is arrogant, self-important and has no interest in anything or anyone she deems beneath her. The Cyberfunkers cannot defeat her through brute force, after all, mega-corps are so beyond mortal reach that no single person can truly affect them. Trying to get her attention is a frustrating and fruitless quest, and over the course of it Cat Daddy’s band mates try to persuade her to turn back, give up, or just try to hit her because damn do they want to.

Her unbeatable nature was something I wanted to include both for the players and for the Cyberfunkers as characters. These attitude infused, relentless and unstoppable personalities finally meet something that’s unassailable, but even worse, pays them absolutely no attention no matter what they do. I’m not sure which the Cyberfunkers would hate more, but it’s definitely a close competition.

Of course, I wanted players to hate her just as much as the Cyberfunkers do, and while I can’t guarantee a direct personality clash, many testers actually gave up out of annoyance and took the opportunity given to choose another route, which I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a case of succeeding too much.
Nevertheless, her attitude and dialogue made her easily the most fun side character to write, and I’m proud of her three potential endings more than anything else.

She also posed a minor challenge since many of her scene’s options are repeatable, so I needed to write multiple descriptions that put you back at whatever point you did them from, or contained enough cycling varients to stop it from getting dull reading the same things over and over.

While she was a great character to write, she doesn’t hold a candle to CyberFunk’s smarmy antagonist – DJ D-Kline!

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