Final Thoughts

CyberFunk was a fantastic project. I’ve loved making it and it’s opened up a whole new world of narrative possibilities. Considering it was originally supposed to be a small month long project to be submitted to the Failbetter Games narrative design internship, it ended up become far bigger and better than I could’ve imagined.

Bug testing took an additional two months and unearthed more bugs than I could possibly have imagined, reinforcing in my mind just how important it is.

I can’t thank my contributors enough, Sci’s artwork brings the characters to life and has practically transplanted them from my brain and onto phenomenal full colour detail.

James, meanwhile, made some brilliant music that captured not just the genres, atmosphere and tone of the game but the rhythm fits each section absolutely perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for better.

Without these talented people CyberFunk wouldn’t be half the game it is today. Please, if you enjoyed their work go and thank them, or even throw some money at them! Supporting artists means they get to make more art! Sounds pretty great to me!

So, here’s a few little curiosities for those who’re interested:

Music really helps me get into the right mindset when I’m struggling to write. Here’s some music that helped me write CyberFunk! Maybe you’ll like them too.

The Floozies – in particular the albums Tell Your Mother and Granola Jones
PERTURBATOR – Dangerous Days and Uncanny Valley albums, but check out the track Disco Inferno. So CyberFunk!
Daft Punk – Mainly their first album
The Jet Set Radio Future OST – 90s Electro with serious funky overtones
Many, many tracks by Yoko Kanno
The Crypt of the Necrodancer OST – Discovered part way through making the game, I seriously OD’d on this.
Skeewiff – Very silly electrofunk

Cyberpunk inspirations:
Neuromancer – credited as making the genre, but also a phenomenal book
Ghost in the Shell – phenomenally well written, the series in particular show Cyberpunk potential at its finest
Deus Ex – Especially the first and third games
Blade Runner – Still holds up, and a great look at a post industrial future

Blaxploitation inspirations:
Black Dynamite – a much more recent parody, but that’s what CyberFunk is, so it really helped
Undercover Brotha – Another parody, but also great
Coffy – A fair bit of inspiration for Cat Daddy, and Sci even ended up with her looking fairly similar!
Shaft – I honestly thought it was pretty silly, but great fun

That’s it! Thanks for playing, thanks for reading, and if you want to get in touch send me an email or drops your CyberFunk related comments here. Keep on groovin’, sucka!

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