You Never Call, You Never Write

So I’ve been out of contact a while. This is mainly because of University, so let’s get the ‘sorry it’ll never happen again’ lies out of the way so we can get on with something more interesting! Like news!

It’s my final year in University, so it’s nearly over. Very, very nearly over. Trust me, I’m looking forward to it. I’ve resisted all compulsions to rant about Bath here on my blog, but let’s just say that I dislike it here. It’s small, there’s very little to do if you don’t like clubbing and the only people here are students and rich retirees. Everyone is white or Chinese. It’s everything the sprawling, multicultural London I know and love isn’t. But I’m nearly free! It’s been four long years, but it’s nearly over, and I’ve nearly got the piece of paper I’m here for.

And the happy truth is that (most of the time) I feel ready to start real life. I’ve actually begun being paid for my writing (I’ll get to that in a minute) and I feel I’m making it to a level of quality that will allow me to get my work out there. Piece of paper aside, I feel my time in university has actually prepared me for the rest of my life to come (as much as it can) and given me the time to improve the skills I’ll need to in order to survive. Honestly, this is more than I expected!

So while I will be glad it’ll be over, I’m satisfied that it did the job I wanted it to do. Nobody is going to be able to make me come back to Bath again for a long time, it was far from the ‘rip-roaring adventure time’ it was made out to be, and sometimes I’ve looked at the body of work I have to do (and am still doing) and say to myself “I’m paying to go through this!?” but at the end of it I think for me personally, it’s been money well spent. Thank you, Bath Spa University, for at least giving me that.

The past five months since I’ve posted have been especially busy. Mainly because I got hired! I was commissioned by DK Books to write them a children’s informative adventure book on the Human Body, and I have to say I loved doing it. Not only was it fascinating (I wouldn’t shut up about crazy body facts for ages) but it was really fun to write. It was also fairly amazing to get paid for it, too, before I’ve even left schooling.  This was from November to the end of February, and running it alongside my University work was at times challenging, but they seemed happy with the results and, once I’ve finished my course, there’s the chance of more.

Most importantly, though, it’s a foot in the door of freelance work. It’s an industry where experience is everything, and considering I can’t seem to hold down a normal job to save my life, the ability to say that I’ve worked freelance before is invaluable. Hopefully I’ll be able to get more work soon enough, and make myself a living. Imagine that, living the dream I tell you!

In more recent news, I was also picked for an Honorable Mention in the winter competition of Five Stop Story, with my story Inside. You can see it here! I’m right down the bottom, but hey, give me a Like or something I don’t know. That’s how this social media stuff works isn’t it?

The vast majority of work on there is realism based, very straight up stories about people in contemporary modern day, which makes me all the more surprised that I’m even on the list. Inside is very science fiction, so it wouldn’t normally belong on such a list. So, honestly, I’m pretty chuffed it got on there! I wasn’t much a fan of the winner, but then I’m not a middle aged woman who doesn’t like her mother, so I guess I’m not the audience it’s aimed at. Definitely check out two other stories in particular, though; Derma, and my personal favourite, Pocketman. Definitely the highlights on the list, in my opinion!

I’ll have a story for you soon, all written and ready to go, but it’d been too long to just post something without a word, so there you go. In future I’ll be looking to talk more about what I’m doing, since it won’t be just another university complaints file. I’ll look to write more blog posts too, probably started with one about why I have such trouble writing blog posts!

It’ll be good to be back!


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