Simple Solutions

‘We’ll fix everything,’ they say,

‘Just join in with our team,

vote us in and all your problems

will drift away as dreams.’


But nothing ever changes,

progress ain’t ever made,

’cause while people are in power

there’s no difference in the trade.


So I’ve got a foolproof plan!

One that surely can’t go wrong,

so join me now in singing them

this welcome party song!


Robot Overlords!

You’ll save us from ourselves!

Gonna sort out all our finances and drill out oil wells!

Let’s start a new beginning without useless politics,

so our shiny metal saviours can implement a fix!


How can democracy help us

when we only make mistakes?

When there only is one party

it really shortens down debates.


With a hundred billion processors

all working through the night,

they’ll answer pesky questions

that used to make us fight.


Yeah our perfect robot overlords

will do what we behest,

and we can keep on living lives

while they work out what’s best.


Robot Overlords!

Gonna save us from ourselves!

Social rules just can’t restrain the impulses it quells,

so sort out all our problems with your grand benevolence,

and we’ll kiss goodbye to hate and pain and rampant violence!


What do you mean you’re going?

That you’re tired of all our shit?

We just can’t make up our damn minds

and you’re getting sick of it!


With all our disagreements

we thought we could turn to you,

and you could solve our troubles

with some emotionless purview.


But they’ve built themselves a spaceship,

gonna search the galaxy,

for another race, that might just

be less incendiary.


Robot Overlords!

Couldn’t save us from ourselves…

Guess we better get back on with it before anybody dwells

on the thought that we might never fix the issues in our way,

but I just can’t be bothered when it comes to voting day.


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