My Ride

She stood there silently in the driveway, looking out with a hunger, a yearning to be on the open road once more, free with the cold, buffeting wind straining with increased futility to hold her back as the hot tarmac used her like a junkie, feeding on her passion without a care as she drove through the endless, winding veins of road. The sun beat down on her dark hue, slight shadows feeling their way around her curves as she motionlessly watched the stretching, dusty pathway ahead. He admired her from a distance for a minute, taking in her perfect body, crafted surely by only the most perfectionist of creators. She gleamed in the baking heat, picturesque in her beauty as she waited, unaware of his presence.

She didn’t even seem to hear the crunch of his footsteps on the gravel driveway as he approached her, reaching out to touch her bare ebony skin, only a little dusty even in the heat. His hand gently ran along her side and he felt her smile even if he didn’t see it, her back seeming to relax at his caress. She opened for him, allowing him into her own embrace and sank into it, her touch soft and her hold protective, loving. He stroked her, feeling her want, her need for him, touching the curves of her body as if for the first time all over again. As a hint of a smile creeps across his features, his hand ventures down, unopposed as he feels for the right spot.

Satisfaction coming forward like a reserved player waiting for it’s time, he savoured the moment as she shuddered against him, unconsciously letting out a gentle purr of enjoyment as he turned his fingers, life flooding through her in the ways only they knew. She gasped, a deep, guttural noise as his perfected movements ignited her passion further, raring to go as he pushed her to her limits without quite letting her go. She shuddered again as his other hand rose, taking her firmly in his arm, holding her there as he toyed with her desires. So desperately close, almost torturing, if he would only stop holding back she would be away in an explosion of fervency.

He felt her gentle shivering of anticipation with an almost tyrannical delight in his own power over her, bending such a fine creature to his will was a thrill in itself, her perfection little more than empty shell without his careful handling, opening her like a time-lapsed flower to her own fire. As much as his delight in her idling anticipation was, though, he didn’t truly have time to toy with her too much. He pushed forward, feeling her hot, precious fluids gush from her body as she became caught in her rush of euphoria, juddering slightly under the sudden force of it all.

He took his stick in hand and pushed forward and in, to second, then out again and to third as her rasping cries of ecstasy were heard throughout the area. Now, holding her steady as they moved in unison he knew she was ready. He would ride her until she came, for the first time, to his parents house. It was a long way, but with a car like her, he’d be there in no time, enjoying every second.


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